Personal Injury

At  the Law Offices of Aaron M. Lukoff & Associates, PLLC, we deal with personal injury and tort claims arising from car accidents, drunk driving accidents, head and brain injuries, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, product defect, railroad collision and wrongful death.

Were you involved in such an accident or does your injury involve a possible legal claim?  If so, you are probably worried about protecting your rights while physically recovering from your injuries. Dealing with the legal elements of your claim is stressful, and any mistakes made early in the process can have serious consequences for a claim recovery.

Here are five suggestions that will help you through your difficult experience.

1. Focus on healing.

Your most important job is to get better. Get all the medical care you need to heal from your injuries. Coordinate your care through your family doctor and follow up on all referrals for physical therapy, massage and/or chiropractic care and any specialists. Report your symptoms accurately to your health care providers and follow their treatment recommendations.  Make sure all work lost is authorized by your doctor.

2. Use caution when dealing with insurance companies.

Statements you make to the opposing insurance adjuster may later be used against you. You should limit your communication to what is necessary to open a claim.  They are not on your side. Do not sign anything unless you understand the legal implications of signing. We do not recommend giving a recorded statement. In fact, you are not obligated to talk to the opposing party at all.

3. Document everything.

Take photos of your injuries and property damage. Keep a log of lost wages. Write down any of your out-of-pocket expenses that you incur. Write down names and numbers of witnesses.  Keep all your paperwork in a safe place. Keep a journal of your recovery. Each day write about how you feel and what activities you are and are not able to do.  Explain how the accident has limited your ability to do things you were able to do before the accident. Keep all the paperwork that anybody gives you on your case, especially receipts, bills, doctor’s notes and medical reports.

4. Educate yourself about your rights.

If you are injured because of the fault of another person, you have the right to be made whole. You may recover monetary damages for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other harms.  However, you will have to prove that your damages were related to the incident.

5.  Call us. We can help you win your claim.