Federal Court

If you were cited for a traffic violation on federal land, you have actually been charged with a crime.  That speeding ticket you got in Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, or on a military base can actually leave you with a criminal record.  The consequences of a federal criminal conviction are often severe: security clearances, government contracts and even private sector employment opportunities can be put in jeopardy by a simple Federal traffic violation that was not contested by an experienced traffic attorney.

The good news is that the attorneys at the Law Offices of Aaron M. Lukoff and Associates, PLLC have a stellar record in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

If you find yourself under the jurisdiction of the federal courts, you will likely be given the option of paying a, “bail forfeiture,” to resolve your case.  This may be a tempting way to resolve your case quickly, but it will also leave a federal criminal conviction on your record.

Before making this crucial decision, please discuss how to keep your record clean with one of our attorneys.